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... become a fan, enter the cinema ... The movie is going to start !!

Enjoy a movie night with the funniest characters in amazing new games in a vibrant and lively universe.
CINEFANS is a mixed machine (reels and video) with two panoramic screens set in the world of Cinema and its characters. All games take place in a cinema.
The Lower Game is basically developed in the lower part of the machine (entrance to the Cinema) using 3 physical rollers of 16 figures each. Contains 3 games: Super Stars, Vip Session and Bonus Raise.
The Superior Game is developed on two panoramic video screens (interior seating area and exterior roof of the Cinema) with 3 reels with figures different from those of the Basic Game. Contains 5 games: Butakong, Bobbins, Popcorn, CineFans and Double-Bonuses
It is prepared for all variants: 5 maximum prize bets € 400, 5 maximum prize bets € 500 and 4 maximum prize bets € 500.

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