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Atlantida Salón

GIGAMES ATLÁNTIDA SALON is a mixed machine, set in a city under the sea, the supposed Atlantis, in which its inhabitants have evolved technologically and have adapted to the environment. In this abyssal environment, a series of scenarios are shown where various mini-games are developed with the participation of the player.

The Basic Game takes place at the bottom of the machine using 3 physical rollers of 16 figures each. The Superior Game is performed on a video screen in which a set of 3 reels is simulated, with figures different from those of the Basic Game.

Mini games of the basic game: Upload Bonuses; Amphorae.
Mini games from the top game: Bank of Fish, Girometer, Treasures, Synchrotron, Double-Bonus.

Available in 5 bets with a maximum prize of € 1,000.
It is available with the Slant top living room furniture