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Action Stard Top Comfort HERO

By pressing the RED HOT FIREPOT button the player will be able to make an additional bet of 5, 10 or 20 points, which will activate the possibility of random access to the RED HOT FIREPOT common game. The greater the number of points wagered, the greater the probability of obtaining a prize. Once the button is activated and the reel turn of the point game is complete, three windows may appear on the screen. If three fire images appear in these three windows, access to the RED HOT FIREPOT game draw will be given and, from that moment, the player will always be eligible for a prize: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, JEWEL BET 5 and JEWEL BET 10 , or a consolation prize.
To determine the prize level that the player will have access to, 5 reels and a thermometer will appear. Each roll will indicate a number of bonuses that will increase the value of the thermometer.
If a question mark appears, a random number of bonuses will be awarded. Once the level achieved has been determined, the point award obtained will be added to the terminal's point counter and the game will be concluded.